SFDR pre-contractual and periodic disclosures

On 1 January 2023, the SFDR's regulatory technical standards will became applicable. An important part of the SFDR RTS are the reporting templates for Article 8 and Article 9 financial products. Each document has its separate template and corresponding rules that must be followed:

  • the pre-contractual document for Article 8 products,
  • the pre-contractual document for Article 9 products,
  • the periodic document for Article 8, and
  • the periodic document for Article 9 products.
  • the website disclosure for Article 8 products,
  • the website disclosure for Article 9 products,

RiskConcile has built an easy-to-use reporting solution that combines the EET and SFDR reporting templates. 

Compliant SFDR reporting made easy

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Compare your SFDR reporting across dates and funds. Be comfortable on the accuracy and consistency of your data. 

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Customise design

Customise the lay-out and design of your templates. Store, consult and change your templates whenever you want.

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Centralise your EET and SFDR Reporting. Avoid inconsistencies and reduce the risk of manual errors. 

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Smart filtering and human expertise

A "smart" digital process guides you in completing all (and only) the required fields of the SFDR template. Get support from RiskConcile's subject matter experts.

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STEP 1: Upload

You provide the necessary EET-data/SFDR-data through our dedicated client platform. We are data-agnostic.


STEP 2: Smart filtering

Digital guidance in completing the required fields and extensive guidance based on your EET data (if available).

STEP 3: Compare

Compare your SFDR output across dates and funds. 


STEP 4: Result

Export your all your SFDR reporting templates just with one click on the button.

CSSF Data collection exercise (ESG)

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) has taken a proactive step towards enhancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting standards by initiating an SFDR data collection exercise on the 24th of March. This important undertaking underscores the CSSF's commitment to acquiring specific ESG data, which is available through two primary sources: the EET file and the SFDR template.

To facilitate a seamless data collection process, RiskConcile presents an invaluable solution tailored to your needs. Our proficient team is equipped to effortlessly convert your EET file into the requested JSON format. By leveraging our cutting-edge conversion capabilities, you can ensure that the data you provide to the market (EET) remains consistent and aligned with the information submitted to regulatory authorities.

“Leveraging years of experience with PRIIP KIDs and UCITS KIIDs, we have built a powerful reporting engine.”

Jan De Spiegeleer – CEO



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