SFDR pre-contractual and periodic disclosures

On 1 January 2023, the SFDR's regulatory technical standards will (finally) become applicable. An important part of the SFDR RTS are the reporting templates for Article 8 and Article 9 financial products. Each document has its separate template and corresponding rules that must be followed:

  • the pre-contractual document for Article 8 products,
  • the pre-contractual document for Article 9 products,
  • the periodic document for Article 8, and
  • the periodic document for Article 9 products.
  • the website disclosure for Article 8 products,
  • the website disclosure for Article 9 products,

RiskConcile has built an easy-to-use reporting solution that combines the EET and SFDR reporting templates. 

Compliant SFDR reporting made easy

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Compare your SFDR reporting across dates and funds. Be comfortable on the accuracy and consistency of your data. 

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Customise design

Customise the lay-out and design of your templates. Store, consult and change your templates whenever you want.

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Centralise your EET and SFDR Reporting. Avoid inconsistencies and reduce the risk of manual errors. 

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Smart filtering and human expertise

A "smart" digital process guides you in completing all (and only) the required fields of the SFDR template. Get support from RiskConcile's subject matter experts.

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STEP 1: Upload

You provide the necessary EET-data/SFDR-data through our dedicated client platform. We are data-agnostic.


STEP 2: Smart filtering

Digital guidance in completing the required fields and extensive guidance based on your EET data (if available).

STEP 3: Compare

Compare your SFDR output across dates and funds. 


STEP 4: Result

Export your all your SFDR reporting templates just with one click on the button.

“Leveraging years of experience with PRIIP KIDs and UCITS KIIDs, we have built a powerful reporting engine.”

Jan De Spiegeleer – CEO



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