AIFMD Annex IV Reporting

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The AIFMD Annex IV regulatory reporting contains AIF-and AIFM-specific information which has to be delivered to local regulators on a periodic basis. The complexity of the Annex IV lies in the large amount of data that needs to be processed and the different reporting requirements between local jurisdictions. Late or incorrect reporting can have serious consequences for the AIFM.

A robust and transparent solution which significantly reduces your time spent on the Annex IV reporting

Easy import of data

A transparent data model allows for an easy import of the data. The model can be customized to your needs.

Validation checks

Automated validation checks to comply with ESMA rules.



Grant access to stakeholders

Different teams or clients can be granted access to report workflow.



Historical report comparison

Dashboard to track and monitor the history of generated reports. Automated flags to high-light possible large and/or unusual movements between different reporting dates.

XML/XLS output

Export the Annex IV as an excel or XML for easy delivery to the regulator.



How it works

AIFMDLab is available as a Managed Service or SaaS (Software as a Service) for those looking for a solution to industrialize their existing processes such as third-party management companies (manco’s) and administrators.


STEP 1: Upload

The data is uploaded using xls spreadsheets.


STEP 2: Calculate

A simple click on the button generates the Annex IV.


STEP 3: Review

The result can be reviewed on-screen and compared with previous reporting periods.


STEP 4: Export

Both XLS and XML output functionalities are available.

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